Lich Party

“Russian Roulette for Circumstantially Immortal Super Wizards”


Available on TheGameCrafter. 

Lich party is a card game for 3 to 5 players. Each player is Lich, and has placed their soul in a magic relic. While this relic is intact, a Lich is immortal – this is their phylactery. But, after a few thousand years of immortality, even the strongest of Liches can get bored. To cure their boredom, they throw the deadliest of parties. A pile of relics is created, in which lie the phylacteries of all the attending Liches. Using scrying magic, a Lich can figure out which relics contain their opponent’s souls. Quickly, the party turns from fun to deadly as crazy, haphazard spells are hurled and relics are destroyed.


Lich Party has been under development by several members of Timeless Games since late 2014, and is available on TheGameCrafter.


  • Tim Adam – Producer
  • Nick Alereza – Design Lead
  • Job Nazareno – Designer
  • Mitchell Mannering – Designer
  • Ethan Nakashima – Designer
  • Cameron Olson – Designer
  • Simon Vurens – Designer
  • Travis Angevine – Designer
  • Ash Horne (PrinceofSpirits) – Card Art, Card Front & Back Design
  • Clove Wetch – Card Art, Logo, Box Art
  • Kelsey Showalter – Card Art, Iconography
  • Gabriel Weisz – Card Art
  • Sage Huffman – Card Art
  • David Russell – Card Art
  • Sebastian Torres – Card Art
  • Sam Dutter – Card Art