Playtesting Again!

This week, for the first time since the game was re-branded, we had a large scale playtest of LightWalk. I visited my alma mater (Cal Poly) where I told my story to three classes, and had students playtest different parts of the game while I did Q&A. Big shout-out to Dr. Michael Haungs and Dr. Foaad Khosmood for letting me use their students :)


What definitely helped while demoing to a large group of people, where new persons would swap in mid-game, is having a few different campaigns. Thanks to Nick, Timeless Games’ designer, I was able to show off three different sets of levels: one for using only the block tool, one using only the color swap tool, and one using only anchors (shown below). Each set of levels was tuned for players who’ve never played LightWalk before. This way new players could get a hang of the game while the others in the class could still see new mechanics. Added bonus: it tests those other mechanics (color swap and anchors hadn’t seen a lot of play until now).

Anchors in LightWalk

Anchors in LightWalk

A few bugs came up, as is to be expected, and they’ll be fixed soon. A few balance issues came up, but those can be worked through. Other than that, I reckon I’ll be able to stay on track with polishing the editor, level selector and menu system. With the momentum we’ve got going, we should be in beta by January.

Though the game isn’t finished, the gameplay is and it was extremely well received. A few people even offered to buy the build of the game I brought in, which excellent validation for my working on LightWalk full-time 😀

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